Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Power of Thanks

Why is it so important? Because miring oneself in one's own "trials" produces nothing but a skewed perspective on reality. It usually engenders beliefs like entitlement and questions like "Why me?" and sometimes even great ones such as "Nobody Understands..."

Garbage. The fact is that most people (especially here in the West) are so well off it's disgusting. The only things that truly makes a rich American different than a poor African are the circumstances into which they're born.

The reason why thanks is necessary is to remind oneself of the gifts bestowed. It changes the perspective and rearranges the mind's order concerning what is ultimately more important.

So what are you thankful for? Write it down, tell a friend, write it here. Regardless, be mindful of the blessings you have and give thanks even in difficult circumstances.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I realize my comments regarding Wilma might be a little coarse, and I would like to apologize if I've offended anyone. I'm just trying not to take myself too seriously. So you shouldn't either.

I was talking with a couple of friends this evening. One question that arose in the conversation revolved around our grip on the transcendence of God in daily life. Why can't we hold on to the truth and live in freedom and peace. Your comments are welcome.

Somebody needs to find a cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder too. This grey sky and cold is rough.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Dirty, Dirty Skank...

I think any storm named Wilma has got to be carrying some kind of stormally transmitted disease. Like Cloudhorrea or Windylis. This hurricane is a serious ho, and her nasty hasso is not welcome here in FL.

She ruined skydiving today (only 3 jumps) and tomorrow. What a whore!

On top of that minor infraction, we now stack the much grander offense: ruining lives of people in Mexico right now. Again, Streetwalker! That's right Wilma, you filthy female dog. I'm talking to you. Wear it.

Coming Soon: The power of Love...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Power of Hope

Why do we run away and escape to TV, alcohol, unbalanced relationships, etc? Why do we chase after the "almighty" dollar, riches, and possessions of all kinds? It seems that people want peace. A peace that is not satisfied by the trivialities mentioned above. Many people have given up hope and moved into despair. We often don't believe that the world can be changed through us by something more powerful than ourselves. But why? Because we've been disappointed, and people have let us down when we have had great hopes.

Hope and perpetual surrender to Christ are directly related to the peace that we have. An unshakable faith is built by stepping into scary places and waiting on God to come through. When He does, our faith grows. We just don't get to see past the step of faith. We know only that we must be on our knees ready to obey. Our view of the final outcome is affected by our belief/knowledge of the goodness of God. What does he say about hope, peace and obedience?

He says that Christ came that we might have Life, and that we might have it to the full [emphasis mine]. That obedience is more desirable than sacrifice, and that available is a peace that passes all understanding. May we love each other in such a way that others sit up and take notice and have desire for that kind of life. May God renew your hope and desire for things yet to come, and for the Divine in the daily. May you find the time to slow down, turn off the TV, the music and the computer, and let Christ speak to your heart and say "Peace, be still."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh ya...Jumping out of planes!

Hopefully the weather will hold off on thursday and friday, and I can do a little AFF training. Should be a good time.

Started reading a good book by Thomas Cahill entitled How the Irish Saved Civilization. I'm only in the first chapter, but what's interesting is how he attempts to write a whole book about the inbetween from war to war or era to era. He recognizes that there exist large chasms of space about which seemingly noone writes or records for the history. My question is, what would be said about you were someone to look back and say "But how did they actually live inbetween these monumental events?"

I'm about to go run 6 miles in some 90 degree Florida heat. Oh I love it! There are as many reasons to run as there are days in a year.

Good on ya Mates!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Call of the Forest

First off, studying is so stinking boring. Hence the amount of posts today as I weary of stiffness, earthquakes and structural dynamics.

Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Brave the rain and the cold to see beauty like this... These are some pictures from a trip to Red River Gorge last october. Need to get out and do it again.

I better enjoy this feeling good about colder weather thing. It's going to be beach and sunshine pictures the whole winter.

A memory jogged...

So I just saw the sub-title to my site again, and realized I haven't been mixing in much humor. Here you go:

If you get pulled over by the Lexington Police, they give you a ticket to a UK football game. If you get pulled over a second time, they make you go...

Ooooooooooh snap!!!!!

On the Horizon

You know what's great? A strong cup of coffee early in the AM before all the young bucks get up to go to class on a test day. Nice fall day.

That's right: I'm on campus today at the great instution of the Bluegrass. I'm thinking about mixing it up with some indian food at the Kashmir today.

The photo seen here is of Hurricane Katrina moving in off the coast (taken from Mississippi I believe).

I'm not sure why these pictures are so captivating...Maybe it's the impending doom and power imposed on a quiet countryside. I wish I could understand better how to interact with tragedy in the world, and the correct mindset towards it. It seems that we should have the same mind in us as Christ had; but what exactly is that for a hurricane in the South?

I need to be more like "Rain falling on a mown field" in response to the world's pain than I currently am. May we not forget how our "riches" look in the view of a loving, almighty creator.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Renewing the Mind

One of the strangest phenomenons in current Western Culture to me is the belief in one's feelings as "Ultimate Truth." Because of the prevalent individualism, people have convinced themselves of the lie that they have no control over how they feel. It seems ridiculous to me that people would trust an entity that is so whimsical based on physiology, mental state and circumstance. Feelings are reactionary, and most often selfish. Often, the wise person does what he/she does not wish to do but knows is best over the long term. Your brain (sans feelings), experience, and good counsel are much better guides to making good decisions.

I would even push this idea of renewing one's mind with truth as a help with depression and loneliness. My thoughts were supported by my Ph.D. in Psychology candidate, Ben, who informed me of a technique called "Mindfulness." In this technique, a person is supposed to be aware of how certain behaviors, thought patterns, etc. effect one's mental and physical health.

Many mire themselves in guilt and depression, thinking they are helpless to combat their feelings. There is freedom and truth when one allows their mind to be renewed by the Creator. One clarifier: I don't mean to say that all feelings are untrue, and that they should be seen as fully disingenuous. They have meaning, and they should be examined seriously. However, it is important to examine them with as much objectivity as possible. Otherwise, the check on the feelings is fueled by selfish desire.

More later...But right now, I gotta study!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Musical Deficiency

Some people are artists. Some people are musicians. Some people are great writers. I am none of these things. Dang, how I wish I could do it, but I love doing other stuff that is hopefully just as inspired and can still glorify the one for whom I was made.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the fellas horsing around playing a great song called "Alcohol" last night.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Simple...I think not

Have you ever thought about the Lord's prayer and the depth it has? It's strange, people get used to hearing it and saying it and never think about the awe that should be struck by "...your Kingdom come..." If we think about the Kingdom Christ talks about in the Gospel narratives, we ponder something slightly nebulous.

I was just reading it the other day and it hit me how broad the range of "the kingdom" is.

Especially fun for me today was the girl I work with in my cubicle inquisitively saying, "You go to church?" Ha. I love it! I'm abnormal. you need to take a look at my super sweet nephew Isaac. I'm stoked about seeing my family (especially this little dude) next weekend.