Friday, February 23, 2007

Decaf..good for the soul

So about a month ago, I got off the caffeine. I now sleep better, take more time to relax, have more energy at work, and generally enjoy my life more. I'm just saying: think about it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hope battles back...

Ever struggle with a feeling of fading away? Ever wonder if you can and will make the changes in life that define the kind of person you are and are becoming? Ever feel like you close things off because you're more afraid of being hurt than you are hopeful of something reaching its good and right culmination?
What do we do when hope that was once so strong gets broken on the rocks of poor timing, missed opportunity, a bad decision, or sometimes just reality? How do we change for the better if we don't truly believe it will make a difference. What do we do when we're not sure how we'd act even if opportunity were staring us right in the face? We have to dare to hope again. Dare to live again. Dare to be a real person again. We must step out of the world of theory and conversation and into the world of risk, effort, and consequence. We must decide now the people we want to be and go about the task of figuring out how that should be accomplished. That makes me think of something I read lately...
"To know others is intelligence, to know yourself is wisdom."
It seems one of the most difficult things for most people to be is that which should be the easiest: honest with themselves. The next post will touch on this too. A little bit about writing and honesty. But back to hope. We all need it. Some of us need to take other things out to make room for hope to re-enter the picture. Most importantly, the hope needs to become a real part of our thinking, belief and action. To have this hope, we must know who we are.