Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's easier to go to work when work is cool...

No we didn't design this bridge (Newcastle upon Tyne Millenium bike/pedestrian bridge), but this thing is sweet. The bridge pieces stay in position relative to each other, but the whole thing rotates to allow waterway traffic to pass underneath (see the picture on the left). How nice is that?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Vacation Pics 2

Tris (a good man) taking us sailing. You know you love that shirt.

View from the stern of our fine vessel as we come about

View from the San Bernadino Mountains Near Big Bear (Xterra triathlon)

Sunset in La Jolla Cove

Back to Snow Valley, Swim Portion

Portion of bike on the terribly long (and steep) hill. We're talking a solid mile hill at insane grade.

My foot after running into some tie wire on the mountain. Mmm, tasty.

Dream spot in the cove I ran around (ask for the story if you talk to me).

Sunrise in Monterrey

Some Vacation Pics 1

Jumping Porpoise. Great stuff.

Stanford Chapel

Little moon shot of the San Francisco Skyline.

The mountain creatures are a bit more brazen than the flatlanders.

Big PartyWorking his way down the non-trail side of Lembert Dome. He called it "Grandma's Cake walk."

Volcanic Ash Desert wasteland, saltwater lake, and Negit Island (old volcano)
This was all east of Yosemite. Great stuff.

Shua educating the peeps on the finer points of respecting nature

Sailing in San Diego

Nice Cool water and Malibu, beautiful
The boys enjoying the view at the Heroes Garden, Pepperdine University