Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The author has unilaterally determined that "aardvark" might be the coolest ever potential username for websites which require one. Simply attach some number of significance to it, and slap it on there. This idea did not come about through seeing said username. At work today, the author was lamenting his state when going to the copier/scanner to send some plans via pdf, and having to scan through multiple pages of first names which alphabetically come before the author's. The name must change!

It's also great for people who can't mind their own business.

Finally, stare intently at the aardvark, and in your best seinfeld saying "newman" imitation, say "aardvark!" a few times. If this doesn't make you smile, you might be taking yourself too seriously. Think about it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'll take what I can get, but....

I think there's been a mistake. Maybe it's because every now and then I write in the 3rd person and use terms such as "veracity of the claim", etc. Still, it's funny.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bullet Grind

In an effort to write more frequently, the author hopes to make this a regular segment of PYHOOYB(pullyourheadoutofyourbutt). "It's fun to say too!" Brief ideas or jumping off points that have been found interesting either to the author, or to others and it has come to a more corporate attention. They might also turn into some rants of frustration as deemed necessary by said author's immediate sanity. As always, we here at PYHOOYB are visual learners, and seek to provide visuals for any and every idea. Hope you like it, and would appreciate and welcome comments.

##*## Hospitality in Community -
It's a lost art according to a study I recently heard of (sorry, no link, but I think you can determine this from basic experience). Some dude did a study showing how full service sit-down restaurants are declining, and fast food restaurants have increased by 100% over the life of the study. Most of these people eat in a car alone. People go to places where other people are, but remain alone. There are hordes of people starving for hope and companionship, even if just a little. It seems we need to learn to slow down enough to eat with people. It would probably make us healthier too.

##*## Insecurity in Religion -
Believers should be extremely careful about who and what they criticize. It's a dangerous thing to promote one's own understanding as the "only way." I'm ever amazed at others (and my own) propensity for attacking those against whom my battle is not. You will know my people how?

##*## Advent -

The advent season is one of expectant hope. A great picture is the history of Jews in captivity, waiting for the Messiah. The poverty and despair present in that time provides an interesting backdrop to Western Culture today. We are impoverished in our souls as we seek to light our own candles and find hope and peace within ourselves. Many are given over to their evil desires as they stand in defiance of God. Total depravity indeed. O Come Emmanuel. We need you.