Monday, September 01, 2008

There are plenty of dumb people at FOX News...

But this man could be the dumbest. Tonight while flipping through the channels, Geraldo could be seen exclaiming in a loud voice about the craziness of Hurricane Gustav. The worst was some footage from a bridge with the camera trained on a man (who looked calm and under control) in the water with a life jacket working on a light pole. Geraldo was screaming "Oh my God, there's a man in the water! I'm gonna tell the police."

Walk two steps to also calm police officer.

"There's a man in the water. He's stranded (repeats approximately 8 times)!!!!"

Police: "Huh?"

Moron (aka Geraldo): "There's a MAN in the WAAAATER!!!"

Police: "mumble mumble" (totally nonplussed)

Camera zooms out and shows Man in lifejacket begins swimming toward the boat (about 30 feet away) by himself, still calm and under control.

Geraldo: "The man is swimming !!!! (failed attempt at pregnant pause)

Man arrives at boat safely

Geraldo: "He got a lifeline.....Oh my God."

Three words: Don't watch Geraldo.


Timothy Miller said...

Classic. I'm drowning right now actually.

Sandy said...

Last week either David or Kyle commented, in the context of counting the # of words in a sentence, that contractions count as two words. Technically speaking:-)

Sam said...

well technically the guy wasn't stranded, so we'll call it good. :D

NewJerseyJesus said...

I can't believe FOX still has that man on TV. Can you say, has-been-never-was journalist? Well, it gives us something to talk about...